Adam’s Missionary Letters #1

Adam’s Letters August 18, 1999

MTC Experience

Aug 18, 1999

Wow! Today was awesome, I was a little confused when I first entered the MTC, but when we went to our first meeting I knew where I was supposed to be. When we sang and listened to the speakers the spirit was incredible. Two of the missionaries from our home stake are in y branch, what a coincidence. This place is so exciting Ii feel the love of all our teachers and leaders, and can see all of the changes that are beginning to take place in me and my companion.

My companion is awesome. We automatically clicked, I can tell that we will support each other and in doing so will help each others testimonies grow.

The rules are a little bit intense at first, but it’s my first goal to keep all of them. The spiritual rewards and blessings will aid me in my studies and aid me in this holy calling. “For the Lord said, if ye keep my commandments I am bound, but if ye do not you have no promise.”

Allison your bookmark was awesome when I read that I felt the spirit, Ii think Ii will share that at my next district meeting. Joseph prepare now to serve a mission, gain a testimony and love for the Book of Mormon, make it your favorite book and pastime. Bonnie I’m afraid I’m going to is a lot of your growing up, my advice to you is to make the scriptures and the church the biggest part of your life, if you don’t make it a priority it won’t be one. Mom and Dad I love you so much I love the chance that you gave me to serve a mission and how you raised me wanting to serve.

Caio Adam