Adam’s Missionary Letters #10

Adam’s Letters August 29, 1999


Sundays are so awesome, even though there are meetings all day. The Spirit is so strong. Well I gave the talk to the district. It was about Christ, the Son of God, how he is one and the same as his Father, how there could only be one Savior and about how we are representatives of Him. I bore my testimony and shared some awesome scriptures. I feel on fire when I share my testimony. I know the Church is so important and serious. I never quite understood how serious this is until I found out for myself. To bring souls unto Christ is so awesome and eternal.

The fireside was so awesome. Not only did David B. Haight speak, but M. Russell Ballard and Neal A. Maxwell. These men are truly of God; their insight into the gospel is amazing; their teachings are enlightening. I have been spiritually fed tonight. The MTC gets better everyday. The Lord promises that through Him, He will make your weaknesses strengths. It is so true. I’ve seen the gospel work in my life. I hope you (Mom & Dad) know of the blessing and opportunity you have given me, to raise me up in the Church and to help send me on a mission. I am eternally in your debt!

Alright temporally I am fine, I hope you have enough time to read all of these pages. I owe it to you to (let you) know everything that happens everyday. You might get more than one letter a week or just a real fat one once a week. I feel I can’t miss a day of y journal. It helps me account for the day and decide to do better the following. This is also one of the most exciting times in my life and a complete record of it will be invaluable to myself. My companions names are first Elder Crawford, from LA California area specifically Newberry Park. He is a surfer and he’s promised to take me after the mission to surf for a summer. My second companion, Elder Coneley is from LA also, roughly 30 minutes from (Elder Crawford). They didn’t know each other. He has about the same interests, but attended Ricks last year.

Well that’s about all I want to share. An awesome scripture is Proverbs 21:19. It has so much insight, just a joke – Mom, Allison, Bonnie! The real scripture is in Mosiah 15:1-4. It speaks of Christ and His Father and the true meaning of the atonement.

Well time for bed.

Buenos Noches

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