Adam’s Missionary Letters #11

Adam’s Letters August 30-31, 1999


These days are flying by! We went to the Referral Center today. I took two calls. It is so easy to testify to people of the truth at these things and how wonderful a message we have to share.

Missionary work is awesome. We really didn’t have any Spanish training today. We had some personal time and washed our clothes. Well its time to study, I am sorry, today was uneventful, I will make tomorrow better.

Buenos Noches.



Today was great! We went to the Referral Center, I did outbound and inbound calls. On one call a man accepted having the missionaries come visit him. It felt awesome.

Tomorrow will be two weeks. I can’t believe it. It feels like only yesterday we were coming in. There’s been a drought of mail for me, but that’s alright. I know you’re doing fine back in the real world.

Today we shared the commitment pattern in sequence with our companions. We asked good questions and got them to share their feelings. It was awesome. Then we went to a fireside. The Young Women’s President spoke. Awesome! Some of the companionships are having some problems. One lost his companion 4 times in one day. So we had a meeting and reiterated some rules. No one’s going home on my watch! Well I wish I had time to write each of you. I will, but I do appreciate letters.

Buenos Noches

Elder Weber

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