Adam’s Missionary Letters #12

Adam’s Letters September 2-4, 1999


What a day! We went to the Referral Center tonight. I bore my testimony to a lady and the spirit was so strong. She accepted to having the missionaries come to her home. Also I talked to a lady who was baptized as a result of the media referral center. It was such an awesome reinforcement. I am so glad that I had a phone job this last year it has prepared me to serve the Lord at the Referral Center. I have had only good experiences, as long as I give people the right impression of the Church they might not be ready to hear it yet, but someday they will because of me.

I have been pretty sick these last few days, but I didn’t want to tell you about it and have you worry. My companion offered to give me a blessing. I agreed and they gave me a blessing. Normally my companion has a hard time expressing his feelings, but when he blessed me the blessing was so beautiful and direct, that I knew and the Spirit bore witness to me that it was what my Heavenly Father wanted to tell me.

I wasn’t able to go to sleep so I am studying and writing. The mission has given me the time and spirit for deep personal introspection. The scriptures are such wonderful tools. I have been able to see my many faults and can use them to gain a greater understanding of the Lord.

Elder Anderson came out and talked to me for awhile he couldn’t sleep either. We shared some scriptures we were thinking about, it was awesome. I’ve decided that I have a problem with pride; it is such a deep problem. Pride is tough to beat and the Spirit doesn’t dwell with prideful people. Prideful are tempted easily, so I have decided to change.

Buenos Noches



I am learning a lot about myself lately and what I need to change. Today we went to the temple, always a wonderful experience. I’ve learned that I need to use the scriptures a lot more actively in my life. They help (me) to make the right decisions in difficult situations. I am gaining such a strong testimony of prayer I know who I am talking to and that he is listening. I know that our Heavenly Father knows (what) we want before we ask so now I am have good conversations with more meaning and spirit. Lately I have been a bit distracted; we have had some district problems. A lot of Elders (are) late to class and a lot are sick. I am so grateful for prayer so that I know how to approach the situation. I know how important it is to approach someone with love and consideration that needs to be told they are in the wrong. Between the three of us in our companionship, we have talked to everybody and seen lots of different reactions. Ii love these elders, I wish they had as high expectations of themselves as their Father in Heaven does.

Well I received the package, thank you so much for the cookies, belt, tee-shirts, letters, garments, electric shaver. These items will be well used. Mostly thank you for remembering me in your prayers.

Buenos Noches

Elder Weber

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