Adam’s Missionary Letters #13

Adam’s Letters September 5, 1999


Tonight was an awesome night at the Referral Center. I was fasting all day, I had the spirit through all the meetings. When I went to the Referral Center I said a prayer before I started and a couple between calls. I got five missionary referrals. The spirit definitely testifies to people when we tell them about our message.

Fast and testimony meeting was awesome, except I didn’t get a chance to bear my testimony. A couple Districts that were leaving took the whole meeting. But I learned a lot. I can see my Heavenly Father’s hand in my life helping me to change to the best person I can be, so He can use me.

Also tonight on a funner side, we held the weekly ugly exchange (corbata fea cambiar). Tonight almost the whole building came to exchange some ugly ties. It’s a tradition we started every Sunday night. Anyways it was really fun.

A scripture I have read lately that I really enjoy and find a goal in is Alma 48:17. It speaks of Captain Moroni. I read it before many times. But like all of the scriptures I read now, it takes on a new meaning for me. Joseph read it, write me tell me what you feel. Remember now is your time to prepare to be who you were foreordained to be and held back till these days. Joseph find a hero in the Book of Mormon, study about him. These stories are true. Find it out for yourself.

I learn so much everyday, it seems like more than I have learned in all my life. Dad also I sent this letter to ask you a question of a favor. It would help my District immensely if you could tell us a few things, your testimony about the Black’s receiving the priesthood or have Brother Freeman (in the ward) write a few things to us. In our companionship studies and class discussions the subject has arisen. Many don’t know how to approach such a concern from an investigator or understand it for themselves. I know this is a tough question Through prayer I feel this is the (right) course to take. Any insight would be much appreciated. I enjoyed so much your letter.

Thank you

Buenos Noches

Elder Weber





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