Adam’s Missionary Letters #14

Adam’s Letters September 7, 1999


Today was our last day at the referral center. Today I got my most referrals also. I got 6, my last one was the best. I was waiting on a call almost 1 minute before I should have left. I really felt I should take one more so I did. The first 2 I got answering machines, but I took one more. I talked to a lady who had received, “The Lamb of God” video. She said she enjoyed it a lot, so I bore my testimony of Christ to her. I could sense and instant interest in the message. So I asked if she would like a copy of the Book of Mormon. To my surprise she already had one and had read a little. So I did a little more find out, then I bore testimony about the Book of Mormon and of prayer. I asked her to pray for herself to know if it is true and she accepted to see the missionaries.

Missionary work is all about the Holy Ghost. Life is all about knowing the Holy Ghost. He is such a great friend, witness and teacher. To learn to call upon him at every time and live worthily to keep him continually is such a blessing. Never at any time in my life have I truly feasted upon the scriptures till now. I could read and learn all day. Amazingly my mind doesn’t wander. I just ask more questions. I figured out why I am happier now than ever before.

In Jacob 1:7 it mentions missionaries that labor with all diligence and faith that they might enter into His rest. To me it is both eternal and temporal. For the first time in my life I have been given the opportunity to completely forget myself and serve others or prepare to serve. I no longer have self-perpetuating wants and naggings. It is rest. The principles best described in D&C 103:27-28. I’m sure you all know it well.

Lately I have been setting a few goals. So far I have a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon before leaving the MTC; next is to memorize the first discussion in Spanish by the same time and also to speak my new language to my best ability daily.

Allison, I que pasa! I love your book card (the one you gave me before you left). So many people love it. Everyone that reads it wants a copy. If you could please send about 12 more copies, they are in demand. Every time I read it I feel the spirit. It is powerful writing. Also if it was you writing keep it up. It’s awesome! You can also write me too if you have time.

Well it’s late Nos Vemos

P.S.   Mom & Dad please continue writing the scripture references and interpretations, stories, spiritual experience, mission experiences, testimonies. These are the most important and edifying writings. These epistles are welcome.

P.P.S. I am a representative of Jesus Christ. I love it. I am in the greatest battle ever fought on the front lines!

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