Adam’s Missionary Letters #15

Adam’s Letters September 8-9, 1999


Another week has gone by. Sorry my English is not getting better at all. Today we had classes all day and learned a lot. My head is still spinning.

The teachers here are so awesome. They always bring the spirit. Every day here is so important. Everyday you learn so much. Tomorrow we go to the Training Center. We will practice approaches, testify, teach, and share scriptures in Spanish. It feels like I have a test tomorrow.

Well the best experience I had today was in Book of Mormon share. Someone shared Mosiah 3:19. It speaks about the natural man and how we must become like children. To me it is the ultimate test and achievement to act as you once were with the knowledge of the present. To let someone make mistakes or hurt you intentionally all to your foreknowledge. This seems to be a Christ like attribute.

Well it’s late I need sleep for tomorrow.

Nos Vemos



Today was another long class day. We had classes all day with exception of a large group meeting.

The language is coming well I feel like my brain is at capacity by the end of the day. But when I wake up I can’t wait to learn more. I read constantly now, at lunch, at breaks – any good book, the scriptures, the five missionary reference books. I can’t get enough gospel knowledge. Since I came here the best adjective to describe me is “sponge.” The Spirit teaches so much.

Well tomorrow I do district interviews. I have come up with some good inspiration for struggling missionaries. I’ll fill you in tomorrow.

Buenos Noches

Elder Weber

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