Adam’s Missionary Letters #16

Adam’s Letters September 10, 1999


Hey today I found out I have an e-mail address here, don’t worry everyone does. It is printed up and put in the mail, but like a letter. The address is Elder Weber, MTC Mailbox 154. Please pass the info on to the brothers and sisters. This will save them 35 cents. Remember this is for only at the MTC.

Wew, tomorrow is temple day, I am so excited! We finished District interviews and reports for the week. I have learned so much about leadership. I have learned to look to the scriptures for guidance and how important it is to counsel others with love and empathy. People can quite easily misinterpret your motive and feelings. Leadership is love.

Today I heard about a great missionary, George Q Cannon. He was so awesome! He became a mission president at 21 and was responsible for over 5000 baptisms in Hawaii. His success was due to becoming one with the people, like Ammon did in the Book of Mormon, who became a servant to King Lamoni. I can’t wait to go to the field and love these people and become one of them. Loving people is what the mission is about.

Buenos Noches

PS Mom

Mom I got your letter. Thank you so much. The conference was awesome wasn’t it? Lo siento (I’m sorry). I wasn’t in the choir. I am so busy already. (Padre lo siento por su salud). I’m sorry for your health. (Allison is marvilloso saber esta habiando.) Its marvelous to know your still talking. (Joe buenos suerte en su partido). Good luck in your game. (Bonnie lo siento por su mal tempermente) Sorry for you bad mood, Mom said it not me. (Jokes) (Joe estaa cuidado en el partido por favor.) Joe be careful in the game please.

Sorry for the Espanol, it’s in my head. I want to write in instead. Don’t worry I won’t forget English (the barbaric language).

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