Adam’s Missionary Letters #17

Adam’s Letters September 15, 1999


Wow! It’s been 1 month already. I don’t believe it. Sorry for missing the last few days. I have been studying the charlas (discussions) a lot. There is not much time if you obey the rules and go to bed on time.

Well Sunday we conducted sacrament, all went well. Monday we had an awesome day in classes. And Tuesday we had an awesome talk from one of the MTC Presidency. One of my comps was being a little rude throughout the whole day. So after the talk we had a discussion and found out his feelings. The mission is hard on everyone in different ways at different times.

Yes, I received all of the items. They are all great thank you so much. I’ve almost finished the Book of Mormon. I am still reading it in Spanish also. Another great book I have almost finished is, “Jesus the Christ.” I love that book, it has given me so much understanding about Christ and His ministry.

One scripture I have pondered about since I got here is in Moses, where Adam and Eve are cast out and the Lord says he will curse Satan among all the beast of the field and put enmity between him and the seed of Eve. And he would have power to bruise the heal of the seed of Eve, but the seed of Eve would have power to bruise his head. I never quite understood. Now I know that the seed of the women that had the power to bruise Satan’s head was and is Christ. This is so enlightening. Everyday I learn more and want to learn more.

Buenos Noches

PS Mom could you please send me a black, V-neck sweater, long sleeve. It’s so cold in the mornings and during the day.


Sorry these are late. I mailed the letter without an address. I got it when I got your letter Dad. Sorry for the lateness Dad.

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