Adam’s Missionary Letters #19

Adam’s Letters September 19-21, 1999


I am doing excellent! Today was another great Sunday. Yesterday the temple was great. I got the chance to talk to everyone in the district. We are such a strong district. I also met a friend of mine in the temple. He worked with me at D-TV. He is from Africa. It was cool to talk to him.

I continue changing everyday. Today a missionary I had never met before was acting quite rude to our district in the lunch line. If I would have been at home I might have said something back. But my automatic reaction was to put my arm around him and remind him that this is such a special time in our lives and we need to remember who we represent. He obviously felt bad and apologized. I think I made a friend.

I love to listen to the messages shared here and to partake of the Spirit. I feel an amazing sense of urgency to serve and learn and to prepare. The wonderful thing about the gospel is that it is limitless. There is no limit to how obedient one can be or how much you can learn about the gospel. Every time I read I gain greater understanding and dedication. Every time I feel the Spirit. I get a glimpse of how important this message is and what great things are happening.

I just want to do my part.

Buenos Noches

Elder Weber



Tonight we were so lucky to get in the gym for the devotional. The speaker was Elder Oaks, his talk was awesome. He talked about not focusing the mission on yourself, don’t call it my mission or fill the time with taking pictures or collecting souvenirs. This is a full-time calling. I felt a little guilty, but nothing that I can’t work on.

Everyday the Spanish gets easier. One of our tasks was to testify some truths about Joseph Smith. The other day while I was working with my comp I was testifying all of a sudden the Spirit hit me and I began to cry. I realized how much I believe in the restoration of the Church and how great a man Joseph Smith was!

Well it’s late.

Buenos Noches

Elder Weber

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