Adam’s Missionary Letters #4

Adam’s Letters August 22, 1999


Today, wow what a day. I was excited to have my first Sunday at the MTC. First we attended priesthood followed by our District Meeting and interviews. I was asked to be District Leader, wow what a responsibility.

I don’t see why I was chosen. This means I have to follow the rules and be the best I can now, because the whole district is watching. Ii have some awesome ideas to bring unity, like District prayers and scripture thought in the morning. I can’t wait to start. If this is the 4th day then I can’t wait till the second week. Well I have to go and have the District prayer and thought.

Well I’m back I forgot to mention that priesthood meeting was awesome I felt the spirit deeply when reading in D&C it confirmed unto me the wonderful work we are engaged in. It is so awesome to immerse yourself and lose yourself in scripture and truths.

One awesome scripture I heard today about truths in D&C (93:24), it reads, “And truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were and as they are to come.”

What I understood is that truth is not bound by time at all. A couple verses down holds a scripture that I don’t quite understand in D&C 93:30. Oh well, I’ll keep studying if you have any ideas please share. I’ll end with a wonderful scripture. It has so much power. D&C 93:37 “Light and truth forsake that evil one.”

Caio Adam

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