Adam’s Missionary Letters #6

Adam’s Letters August 24, 1999


It’s already been nearly a week since entering the MTC! I can’t believe it. Tomorrow I’m officially un-green. In comes the new. Tonight we sang, Called to Serve with all the missionaries in the gymnasium before a member of the 70’s game a talk. The Spirit was so strong. We sang like we were on fire. The talk was awesome. I never cried as much as when I started the mission. It seems like nearly every day I feel the Spirit testify to me the truth of the work and with it I gain further understanding.

In the scripture thought tonight one missionary shared an awesome quote, quite simple, but awesome to end on.

“Two people can do anything when one of them is God.”

At the devotional tonight I rededicated myself to the rules and the work for the following week. Ii love the blessings and can’t afford to do without them.

Buenos Noches

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