Adam’s Missionary Letters #7

Adam’s Letters August 25, 1999

8- 25-99

Un otro grande dia,

The Española is coming, I try to speak in it everyday. I slip into English way too easy. Tomorrow I will speak all in Española. The program in the MTC is called SYL (meaning speak your language). It is suggested and challenged to all, but the only way to make achievements is through self-mastery.

Our District is growing together as a family. We totally enjoy each other’s company and feel comfortable sharing experiences and feel the spirit all the time. Today was awesome because of the fact we are not green anymore. A bunch of us helped out greenies today and played a few pranks. Some of us turned our nametags backwards so they were blank then we asked some greenies to help us find where they engrave names on the tag. What a day.

Today I found an awesome scripture in Moses 1; basically through the whole chapter God talks to Moses as His son, then Satan comes and refers to him as Moses, son of man. Moses sends him away immediately. I don’t feel Satan’s temptations nearly as much, but he is there every morning telling me to sleep in, or not wanting to share my testimony.

It’s awesome to know that God said, “For behold this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” Anything and everything God does, all of his thoughts and concerns, are about us and our eternal salvation. To know that I am a Son of God and that I am so depended upon, makes my testimony and love grow so much. I love the scriptures! Everything I need is right there with me everyday, waiting to show me more truths.

The Gospel is true!

Buenos Noches,





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