Adam’s Missionary Letters #8

Adam’s Letters August 26-27, 1999


Today was the long day all day sitting no break or PE time. The day was long, but I learned a lot. The Spanish is coming well. I study during lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

The awesome quote of the day is from David O. McKay. “From now on, from this moment you are a trusted representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. To be trusted young men, is a greater compliment than to be loved.”

This quote is awesome, it makes me work ten times harder to know that I am a trusted representative of the Lord. Well the day was long, I am very tired. You’ll hear more tomorrow.

Buenos Noches




Well the day is quite over yet its lunchtime. I went and did some of my District leader responsibilities. One of them is picking up the mail for the District. I am enjoying my mission so much I cannot wait to go to Uruguay and preach the gospel. I know what it is like to forsake all and dedicate your heart, might and mind to Christ. I love to serve. In the Bible dictionary, if you look at the reference to El, it gives an awesome description of the position of Elder. No other time in my life will I know the position of Elder.

I love to put on my name tag. I love to study and learn from the scriptures. Today I bore testimony in Spanish. It was awesome. I feel the spirit so much when I speak Spanish. I love to say, “Soy de represent ante de Jesucristo.” It eans I am a representative of Jesus Christ, what power!

I just received the journal paper as you can see I am writing on it. Gracias.

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