Adam’s Missionary Letters #9

Adam’s Letters August 28, 1999 pt1


Wow time flies on the mission, it seems like only 5 minutes ago I was writing last night. Today was temple day. It is the highlight of the week. I learn so much. Today was our last day with a couple of our teachers. Hermano Whetten and Hermona 1erez, because BYU is starting school, their schedule will change and they will most likely teach at different times. Hermano Whetten served in my mission, he is so awesome. I have learned so much. Some of the deepest studies we have done have been on faith, the atonement, obedience, basic doctrines.

I love reading the scriptures, I could study them, cross-reference and discover truths all day, there is so much in them, everything is there. I love sharing Book of Mormon discussions with the class.

Mom – Dad I am a pusher, since I have become District Leader I have made District goals, awesome goals – District prayers & scripture thought at night. Next week we will set a District goal to study the Book of Mormon in Spanish every day for every companionship; I want this district to be fluent in Spanish and the Spirit when we leave the MTC. I am trying to set a good example, I study constantly the vocabulary words at lunch, dinner, breakfast and to and from. I volunteer every chance I get to bear my testimony in Spanish. I recorded the verbs and vocab from the charlas and task sheets and listen to it in the room, bathroom and at night also. I love this language. I know that by serving with all y might, heart and strength will bless my district and myself. I know the church is true; I feel it everyday in class, in study, in testimony, in talks.

Tomorrow I am going to give the district a talk. The topic is “Christ, the Son of God”. I can’t wait to bear my testimony of my love for the Savior and for them. I can’t wait to share the sacred truths from the scriptures. Also tomorrow David B. Haight of the Quorum of the Twelve is coming to the fireside. I can’t wait to hear his message and partake of the spirit there. Well I have to go to bed, Ii better hurry. I feel if I miss a day in my journal, I will not have any account for the day.

Adam’s Letters Aug 28, 1999 pt2

Joseph, prepare now to serve your mission. Study your scriptures; learn from the gospel, it will enlighten your life. Remember that if you are to serve you must have a testimony; gain a testimony from every point of doctrine. Pray for a testimony. When you come to the MTC be an awesome missionary not an average missionary. There are too many average missionaries. Take advantage of this time. These two years will be the best of your life.

In 2 Nephi 31:13-14 it says, “After ye have gone through the baptism of fire and water you will receive the Holy Ghost and Speak with the tongue of angels.”

Read it. Do it. This is the most important work of your life. You were born at this time for this purpose. It is my testimony you were held back and born at this time for this purpose. You can go forth and teach the nations. This is the most exciting time. This time is also so short. Prepare for yourself your mansion in heaven, so that when you die the Lord will say to you well done my good and faithful servant and you will go into his rest.

This is my greatest hope for you and best advice I can give you. I never realized the extent or the power of this gospel until I came here. You face eternal consequences right now. We were spoiled with blessings so much throughout our lives and for a purpose. Just think of how many of your friends you promised that you would seek out and save them. They are out there; they just don’t know you yet.

I love you all so much!

When you read the scriptures in the morning, stop and share what the scriptures mean to you, I promise you will feel the Spirit.

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