Adam’s Missionary Letters #20

Sept 23-24, 1999


Another week gone at the MTC, I love this place the Spirit is every where. I finished with the third principle and started on the 4th. My method now is to record my voice speaking the charla about 7 times. Then I listen to it all day between classes and at lunch, sometimes at night too. Then when I start memorizing it, it takes only about 2 hours depending on the length. If I keep it going I should get the entire charlas done before I go. It will help so much, I already have noticed an increase in my speaking ability. The thought I had today was just “love one another” despite any way others might treat you.

Buenos Noches



Wow what a night. I just got done with district interviews. The interviews went awesome this week. I spoke with an Elder in the district who I have been praying for. I shared a scripture with him. I found the scripture during my personal study and felt prompted to share it. I bore him my testimony and shared an experience. He has been having a tough time; his girlfriend lives about 5 blocks away. But I think he will be okay.

Another missionary in the district was having a tough time and crying because he hasn’t heard from his girlfriend. He thinks she is dead. We gave him an awesome blessing. Girlfriends before a mission are a big mistake! I am glad I have no serious feelings or relationship to hold me back from the work. But I can sympathize. We are all young naïve boys.

Another elder came in and we had a good talk. I shared a scripture with him, about him, and how grateful we are for him to serve with us. He came back and shared an excerpt from his patriarchal blessing about himself and told me his feelings and testimony. He told me how he had received a letter from his parents with their testimony and how his father had said, “Now we are both servants in the gospel.” The spirit was quite strong tonight. I can’t believe how great a part the gospel is in my life.

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