Adam’s Missionary Letters #21


Today was without a doubt one of the best yet. We had our Sabbath services and activities as usual. In sacrament I was concentrating and pondering, especially the emblems and the meaning. Then in the talk that followed, about Christ, I had an awesome experience.

I was thinking about my Savior and his sacrifice for me, when all of a sudden into my mind popped a sentence from my patriarchal blessing. It was,

“You knew your elder brother Jesus Christ”.

When I felt that I just began crying and could not stop. This was such a strong witness to me and I know that by serving Him and studying His teachings my relationship with Him is being brought back to my remembrance.

I’ve dedicated myself more fully to His call to serve. I love to pray. I have some ugly calluses on my knees from prayer, it’s so awesome.

The scriptures are true! They live within me! I can’t wait to share the message with the world. I know that if I just open my mouth, the Lord can use me for anything.

I love you all so much. I exhort you to do the same just open your mouths. Read D&C 60:2-3. The spirit of the work must be urgency!

Buenos Noches                      Elder Weber


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