Adam’s Missionary Letters #22


I just got your letters Mom & Dad. I’m sorry that you haven’t got mine yet. In it I explained that I sent it without an address so it is about a week behind.

I’m so grateful to hear from you that I decided to write you right away. Dad I am little worried for you. If I were there I would give you a blessing. I will remember you in my prayers. I have had some sleepless night here also. But they are only caused by spiritual hunger. I have gained or better realized my testimony of the Church.

Mom I read your scripture, it was awesome. Read D&C 128:22-23. This is an awesome missionary scripture. Missionaries work is all of our responsibility.

Allison, Joseph, Ii meant to send cards for your B-day. Believe me I thought about you. Joseph you 15 wow, one more year to your year of jubilee and 4 more years till you enter the Lord’s army. Like I told you before study your scriptures, write me.

Allison keep up the writing and send me those bookmarks, 12 of them, like the one you gave me. I need them before I go. Good luck in school. I know you are getting A’s. Tell Miss Z. I met the president of FCCLA. He’s going to Russia on his mission.

Joseph be careful in football. Eat a lot, if you are chubby enough you won’t get hurt. Just kidding.

Bonnie I didn’t forget you, how’s school? How’s the spoiled, most loved, youngest child’s life?

Well I’m putting this in the mail right now!

P.S. Yes I got everything Dad! Muchas Gracias!

Love Son, Brother, Elder Weber


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