Adam’s Missionary Letters #23

October 2-3, 1999


Wow, what a great day! Sorry we missed abit. Just because its been missed doesn’t mean those days weren’t awesome. Today we went to conference. I have never looked forward more to conference than I did this week. I loved the talks, believe me I got about 10 pages of notes and my comp recorded it so we wouldn’t miss anything.

I finished reading the Book of Mormon. I have never done such an in depth study. Elder Boyd K Packer is right; there is definitely a power that begins to flow within you when you begin an in depth study of the Book of Mormon.

I know its true. The prophets in this book are my friends and heroes. I think about them all the time. Right now I am taking to heart the teachings of Aaron the missionary where he says, he and his brethren did take unto prayer and fasting that the Lord would impart His spirit unto them.

I have been praying about all of the district this week and one missionary is always brought to my mind. So I am continuing to pray for direction and I am fasting for him also. I can’t explain the love and concern I have for this district.

The Lord has blessed me so much I can’t believe the spirit He has poured out upon me at all times. I feel spoiled. I also feel so full of gratitude for such wonderful parents who raised me so well even though I might not have listened all the time. I can’t wait to go out to the field and testify of the truth which brings my life so much joy. I have some great dreams of the work. I will serve like my Book of Mormon heroes.

Buenos Noches



Well the session is over, conference was awesome! I forgot to mention last night I gave one of my comps a blessing. It was such an awesome opportunity. Tonight we also had a fireside. The couple that talked are friends with a cardinal in the Catholic Church. He ranks about third highest.

He told his story about how he explained the Church to him. Unfortunately, the cardinal came to the conclusion that we are not Christians, because we believe in continuing revelation. Not everyone is ready for the gospel yet. But everyone will get the opportunity to hear it and judge for themselves. Well its late I got to go.

Buenos Noches                      Elder Weber

P.S. My plane leaves Salt Lake at 1:08 P.M. 18, Oct, American Airlines; Flight 1798. I will probably be there and waiting at 11:30 A.M.


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