Adam’s Missionary Letters #24


Another day gone at the MTC, I am excited and sad to leave. This place really feels like home. I don’t know any better way to explain the MTC than the movie, Ground Hog Day. Every day feels the same, we get the opportunity to do everything a little better and we grow each day. I have lost sense of time, it even feels like I am stuck in a holding pattern. It’s hard for me to remember before the MTC, because the mission has become the definition of me. It’s hard to explain. I’m almost done with memorizing the 6th and last principle in the 1st Discussion. Someone can quiz me at the airport and listen to my testimony in Spanish. I’m also done reading the Book of Mormon. Anyways I got to go.

This is what I need: pictures from my farewell, shoetrees, anything else you think I might need. Yes, I got the shirts and the goodies they were awesome! The whole district loved them!

Love Elder Weber

P.S. I should not have bought any ties before I came, Nordstrom’s donated tons of ties to the MTC. They’re nicer than any that I bought.



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