Adam’s Missionary Letters #25


Sorry it’s been so long, I have been so busy studying Española among other things. A most extremely serious incident has occurred in our district. Two Elders who I have been praying about a lot broke some serious rules. As a matter of fact I fasted for one of these Elders last Fast Sunday. They both have girlfriends and distractions, thus they hav had obedience problems. They have some troubles getting up on time and to classes on time. Saturday night they snuck out of the MTC and went to the BYU football game among other things. They didn’t return until after 6:00 A.M. Sunday morning.

When they came back their roommates told me. I told the Branch President. This was tough, but I knew how much responsibility I had. Sunday I did not feel very good. I felt as if I had not done my job well enough, maybe this is true. I now realize how much a responsibility I have to them.

The MTC President came the spoke to our district and reiterated our responsibilities to each other. I found out that they had done this more than once but for only little things, pizza and then they went out all night. About three Elders in the district knew, but did not say anything. They however aren’t in any trouble.

I have tried as hard as I could to be a good example and to show love, maybe to inspire them to be better missionaries. Leadership is the most difficult skill to attain and to use. Right now we don’t know fore sure about their future as of yet. They were informed the MTC President had met with the brethren and one of the twelve was praying about them.

Satan is real! He works through exactly the same ways he always has. He starts little at first with flaxen cords until he has you chained down and submitted to his will. What I learned from this experience is a vast array of subjects from obedience to responsibility to dedication. The safest assumption for me to make for myself is that this can happen to anyone and we as missionaries need to be leaders with an eye single to the glory of God, not followers.

Well I just got back from the Tuesday night devotional. I had the chance tonight to talk with an Apostle!!!! It was incredible. I know that Elder Scott is an Apostle of God. He was asking doctrinal questions and a microphone was going around. I had the opportunity to answer that faith can grow through patience and works into a perfect knowledge. He responded to my answer and shared some more with me about faith.

The Church is true, I love the gospel, I feel so charged to share my testimony with the world. The best way to describe it is Alma 29:1-2 (My new favorite scripture) Well its been a along day, I will rest my worries with my Father in Heaven tonight and wake up charged with answers and strength for the following day.

Buenos Noches

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