Adam’s Missionary Letters #26


Well, I am back from the first of my last 2 years in Uruguay. It was awesome. We taught the 3rd discussion for new members to a Hermana named Patricia. She is only 16, but has such a strong testimony and talks really fast.

My trainer is awesome, he has so much love; I am learning so much. Our apartment is pretty nice. Its looking better and better as I see others homes.

The other family we went and saw were Nilson & Adriana. They have three girls. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony and teach a little. They already received the first charla, the proclamation to the world and we did a discussion called verification of baptism and all of the scriptures in 3rd Nephi 2. They committed to baptism. It was awesome on the first day out I have already got a taste of the fruits of the mission field.

Unlike the MTC, when I share my testimony the people listen and concentrate on me. (I hope it’s because of the spirit not because they don’t understand.) Well I’m so tired.

Nos Vemos

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