Adam’s Missionary Letters #28

November 11-12, 1999


Well I decided to write again, I can’t believe I let this slide, I I know how important it is, especially now; this is such a crucial time in my mission. The decisions and choices as to what kind of missionary I will be are made now. I am glad I have a trainer that feels the same way Ii do about the mission. Believe me we don’t waste a minute. Often we run between appointments and skip meals also. We are blessed though.

Today we had charlas with Graciela. She needs to stop smoking for one more week before she can be baptized –Don’t think she’s not going to make it, she has a great testimony. If we could get her husband, Pedro, in the charlas, they could support each other – we’ll keep praying.

With Leontina and Teresa (two old sisters)(very very funny), we shared a scripture 2 Nephi 25:26, next visit we will give the 2nd charla.

Here with the Mission President. We space all the six charlas with charlas in between that are premade on index cards (charlas of progression) to develop testimonies and lower menos activo rate. The amount of charlas to new members is amazing.

Got to go, 10:30 —- Ciao



Well this morning was a little disappointing, three contacts fell through; one was not interested and two were busy, they usually are when we come by. But everyone will get the chance to listen to this message if not here somewhere else.

Then we knocked doors; that was pretty fun. We always catch people off guard. After lunch we had divisions. I went with Elder Smith from another area. I like divisions because I always learn something that I need to do, and what I should not do. Through divisions we can learn all different aspects of teaching, assimilate them and mold our own.

One of my goals is to be 1. more simple and direct in my teaching; don’t worry about time so much, as much as they understand the principle. Also I can take time and speak more slowly so to organize and translate my thoughts into more coherent sentences. A great way to do this, to practice explaining and teaching, is with children. I can also make lots of examples for teaching with them also.

  1. I also need to be more a part of the B.R.T. (Build relationships of trust). Have no fear just speak, let them correct you. I’ve found when you do this they see how hard you are trying and they love you. Also it puts you on an equal plane. They can help you speak Spanish just as I can help them understand the gospel.

Well I will practice.

Nos Vemos

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