Adam’s Letters Aug 21, 99~


Today was an awesome day, I can’t stop thinking in Spanish, it is awesome. It’s coming to me so quickly the Spirit definitely causes a quickening in both mind and spirit. I keep making goals and achieving tasks like never before.

Today we went to the temple. I have so many questions. I decided that the celestial room is my favorite room in the world. I want to live in it. All of my answers come to me there. I don’t feel homesick at all, sorry but it’s true. This is the best, hardest, most spiritual, most rewarding, humbling, uplifting, happy, fulfilling, life changing, selfless, goal making, straight-steering, problem solving, soul-searching, answer finding, mind-expanding work. I am so excited. I find scriptures everyday that I want to pattern my life after.

With my district today I shared one of my favorite scriptures and shared the context with them also. These guys are awesome sometimes I feel I knew them all before. It is a wonderful experience to grow and live together in the gospel. Everyday I receive affirmation of the truthfulness of the gospel and the importance of the work. I cannot imagine my life without this purpose I am so grateful everyday for the opportunity to serve.

Anyways the scripture I shared was in D&C 62:3. This scripture related to the importance of testimony sharing, not only to reinforce in our own lives but in lifting up others. The goal I’m setting now is to write down my testimony in Spanish and practice it. I already pray in Spanish and know the baptismal prayer. I also use it everyday whenever possible. Whoever reads this probably wonders what is going on. I don’t know but through prayer and scripture study I have found a profound love for Christ and his church.

I feel more alive then ever before. Joseph you will probably read this. I love you so much. I want you to read the scriptures, make them the best books in your life. More answers will be found in them then in any other books.


Today I heard an amazing quote by Elder Packer, he said something to the effect of, “The study of gospel teachings has a greater affect to change behavior patterns then the study of behavior does.” It’s so obvious and true the scriptures have every lesson you need to know for every situation in life. Well that’s about it for today. I have to go to bed if I want to keep the rules. I have everyday yet so I will keep it up.



Caio Adam