Lorenzo Clark was born in 1806 in New Hampshire, the son of Francis and Abigail Kimball Clark. The Clark family moved to Upper Canada or Ontario. Lorenzo met Beulah Rogers, whom he married in 1830. While there he met the missionary John E. Page. They were baptized in 1837 and emigrated about a year later to Far West, Missouri where they landed themselves in the middle of the mob persecutions. Lorenzo was a member of the Nauvoo Legion and The Mormon Battalion. In 1849, they came west with the saints to Utah. In 1856, Lorenzo took a second wife, Mary Ann Hunt, a new convert from England. This is where our line begins. In 1861 they were called with 300 other families to help establish the Cotton Mission in St. George. They had eleven children.

Their son, Albert D. married Mary Ann Brown, daughter of John Brown, their children were: Amy, Nellie, Laura (my grandmother), Zella, Albert and Vera. They moved from St. George to Panguitch, where Laura Clark met James Cecil Clark. They were married September 27, 1905. At this point the two Clark lines converge. J.C. and Laura had nine children: DaCosta, Riley Garner, Kyle, Cecile, Albert, Edith, Grant, Margaret (my mother) and Barbara Clark.


The Samuel Clark family has deep roots in America. The earliest Clark’s came from Suffolk, England about 1660 to New York. Over the generations the family was centered in New Jersey where Samuel was born in 1798. The Garner family, also early arrivers, was living in the Virginia Colonies by 1650; they emigrated from Shropshire, England.

Samuel and Rebecca Garner Clark, who were of the Quaker faith, moved to Cincinnati County, Ohio, where Riley Garner, Sr., was born July 29, 1829. His family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Martinsville, Ohio in 1832 and emigrated to Nauvoo, Illinois in 1843 where the family endured the hardships that the saints were subject to at that time. The persecution became so violent that the leaders of the church decided there was no other course than to evacuate the city, this was in the early spring of 1846. The family moved west with the saints and settled in Council Bluffs. It was here that their sons Joseph and Riley Garner Clark joined the Mormon Battalion.

After the family arrived in the Salt Lake valley Riley Garner Clark married Amanda Williams they were the parents of sixteen children. Their son, Riley Garner Clark Jr., married Margaret Houston. Margaret and her family being converts from Scotland. There were thirteen children born to this couple. Their son, James Cecil, was my grandfather. He married Laura Clark in 1905.