James Cecil Clark and Laura Clark were Margaret Hutchings parents and Karen Weber’s grandparents. They had nine children: DaCosta, Riley, James, Cecil, Albert, Edith, Grant, Margaret, and Barbara (or Aunt Bobby).

Family Group 11
1980s Clark family picture: (Back row left to right) DaCosta Clark, R.G. Clark, Margaret Clark Hutchings, Barbara Clark Cooper, Albert Clark, and Grant Clark. (Left to right front row) Edith Clark Oveson, Laura Clark, and Kyle Clark.
James Cecil & Laura Clark copy
James Clark (1930s)
Cecil 1944
Cecil Clark Dixon (1944)
Young James Cecil Clark
James Cecil Clark circa 1905
Young Laura Clark
Laura Clark circa 1905
Margaret & Bobby
Barbara and Margaret circa 1933
Hazel,Jack,LauraGai, Jackie 1939
1939: Hazel, Laura Gai, Jackie, and Jack (DaCosta)
RG, Merle, Joan
Riley Garner (RG), Joan, and Merle Louise Anderson
Maggie,Laura,Grant,Cecile, Edith,Judy,Bobby
Circa 1943: (top row left to right) Margaret, Laura, Grant, and Cecile; (bottom row left to right) Edith, Judy, and Barbara



Edith,Cecile,Albert,Marg, Laura,Bobby
Circa 1943: (left to right) Edith, Cecile, Albert, Barbara, Margaret, Judy, Mary, and Laura



1944: (back row left to right) Laura, Hazel, Cecile, and Margaret; (front row left to right) Judy, Edith, Mary, Laura Gai, Joan, Barbara, and Cecil
Pretty girl, Maggie Clark
Circa 1944: Margaret Clark (around 19 years old)
Albert Clark
Albert Clark
Grant age 18
Grant Clark (18 years old)
Harry & Cecil Dixon
Cecile and Harry Dixon
Grandma Clark, Karen, Clark,i Kenny, Margie
Circa 1954: Karen, Clark, Kenny, Grandma Laura Clark, and Margie
Grant & Jean
Jean, Grant, and Kyle