Calvin Hutchings and Margaret Clark were married in 1944. Three years later they had their first child, Karen Laura Hutchings. Later they had six more children: Calvin Clark, Kenneth Mark, Dale Jeffery, Diane Jennifer, Joseph Cecil, and Julie Margaret.


Hutchings Entire Family 1a
Hutchings family picture 1966: (left to right back row) Jenny, Karen, Clark, Kenny, and Jeff; (left to right front row) Joe, Margaret, Julie, and Calvin.
Calvin & Margaret
Margaret Clark and Calvin Hutchings circa 1944
Cal H. & Kids at Beach, SanDiego 1
On the beach at San Diego 1951: Karen, Kenneth, Calvin, and Clark
Karen & Kenny's Birthday celebration
Karen and Kenneth’s joint birthday party 1955: Margie Dixon, Jeff, Karen (age 8), Kenneth (age 5), Jenny, and Clark