Charles and Susannah Warren Hutchings of Winsham, Somerset, England, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1848. Their son, Joseph Thomas emigrated to Utah in 1876 and Susannah in the early 1880’s with her 3 daughters, Charles had died in 1878.

Joseph Thomas, his wife, Marinda and children, Joseph Nephi (my grandfather), Florence and Charles moved from Salt Lake City in 1886 to South Jordan, Utah.

Joseph Nephi Hutchings went on a mission to Great Britain in 1902. While here he met Elizabeth Annie Bird. He soon fell in love and proposed, Elizabeth accepted. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple January of 1905 shortly after Joseph returned home from his mission and also resided in South Jordan. They had eight children: Theodore, twin girls who died at birth, Imri, Theron, Brian, Stanley, and my father, Calvin Bird Hutchings.

Calvin met Margaret while attending BYU in Provo where Margaret lived. They married the 28 December 1944, during the turbulent years of WW2. They had seven children: Karen, Clark, Kenny, Jeff, Jenny, Joseph and Julie.


Joseph Nephi Hutchings and Elizabeth Annie Bird got married in January 1905. A little more than 10 months later, their oldest child Theodore Nephi was born. Afterward, they had two twin girls, Marinda Ethel and Louise Alice, who didn’t live more than a few hours. Five healthy sons followed: Imri Joseph, Theron Bird, Brian La Mar, Stanley Arthur, and Calvin Bird (Grandpa Hutchings).

Hutchings family 2
Joseph Nephi Hutchings and Elizabeth Annie Bird family picture 1937: (left to right) Brian, Ted, Calvin, Imri, Elizabeth, Stan, Joseph, Theron.
Joseph Nephi, Elizabeth & Theodore Hutchings
Joseph Nephi, Theodore, and Elizabeth Bird circa 1907
Calvin & Brothers
Calvin Hutchings and his brothers circa 1928 (from left to right): Calvin, Stanley, Brian, Theron, Imri, and Theodore
Cal and his chicken circa 1927
Calvin & Cat 1931
Cal and the cat 1931
JN,Elizabeth,&Calvin Hutchings
Elizabeth Bird, Calvin, and Joesph Nephi 1944. Calvin in his Navy uniform.
Stan Hutchings riding the cow
Stan riding a cow circa 1930
Stanley Hutchings
Uncle Stan
Theron & Brian Hutchings 1930
Theron and Brian 1930
Joseph & Lizzy Hutchings Family
The entire Hutchings clan 1945: (back row left to right) Imri, Calvin, Brian, Stanley, Joseph Nephi, Theodore, and Juan; (middle row left to right) Bernice, Margaret, Ellen, Velma holding Richard, Elizabeth Bird, Gloria, Joyce, and Vida holding Roger; (front row standing left to right) Paul, Robert, JoAnn, Gary, Gayle, Larry, and Deon; (front row younger children left to right) ?, Janet, Barbara, ?, Dennis, and Calvin
Elizabeth Bird Hutchings 2
Elizabeth Bird circa 1950s
Joseph Nephi Hutchings 2.jpg
Joseph Nephi Hutchings